Ethnosport Challenge

The World Series of Ethnosport Challenge tournaments is held for one year and consists of 8 Ethnosport Challenge tournaments in different countries. Tournament winners are invited to the final World Ethnosport Challenge tournament.

The concept of Ethnosport Challenge tournaments is unchanged for all competitions: four (eight) athletes or teams representing the Host Country team, against four (eight) athletes or teams from other countries representing the World Ethnosport team. The initial draw is held on the principle of challenge: the athletes of the host countries team choose their opponents from the World Ethnosport team, then the knockout principle is used. The final result in the team competition is considered by the number of victories of representatives of the teams, in addition, the winner of the tournament in each type of competition is revealed.

The tournament program Ethnosport Challenge consists of competitions ethnosport-strongmen and any local ethnosport competitions – wrestling, racing (boats, horses, camels, running, etc.), as well as various games. Competitions are held according to the rules and with the inventory of local traditional games in order to preserve and develop the intangible cultural heritage of ethnic groups.

The World Ethnosport Challenge Tournament Program consists of ethnosport-strongmen competitions, where the winners of Ethnosport Challenge tournaments are invited, as well as any ethnosport world competitions. The program is formed by World Ethnosport, the World Ethnosport Challenge Organizing Committee, with the mandatory support of the governments of countries representing ethnosport federations (for example, yoga, wushu, etc.).

The EWS Regulations on the Ethnosport Challenges Tournaments


Ethnosport Challenge

Moscow Ethnosport Challenge 2019

On May 1, the World Series Ethnosport Challenge – Moscow Ethnosport Challenge 2019 Moscow VS Russia was held at the Luzhniki Olympic Stadium. The tournament was held in the framework of the Moscow ethnosport festival "Russian Games in Luzhniki".

Ethnosport Challenge

Vilnius Ethnosport Challenge 2018

The fourth tournament of the World Series Ethnosport Challenge took place in Vilnius at the State Track and Field Arena of Physical Culture and Sport Department of Lithuania.

Ethnosport Challenge

Ilhabela Ethnosport Challenge 2018 Brazil vs World

The third international tournament of the World Series Ethnosport Challenge held on the island of Ilhabela in the State of Sao Paulo in Brazil on September 22, 2018.

Ethnosport Challenge

Badang Ethnosport Challenge 2018 Malaysia

September 8-9, the World Series tournament Badang Ethnosport Challenge 2018 Malaysia took place in Kuala Kangsar, State Perak.

Ethnosport Challenge

Kulachki Ethnosport Challenge is the first international tournament of the World Series by the World Ethnosport Society

The first international tournament of the World Series Ethnosport Challenge held in Atmanov Ugol in Tambov region as a part of Russian traditional games Atmanov Kulachki.

Ethnosport Challenge

The first tournament of the World Series "Ethnosport Challenge"

May 1 in Luzhniki Stadium the first tournament of the World Series of "Ethnosport Challenge" took place in the framework of the Moscow Festival of Ethnosport "Russian Games", at which over two hundred participants from 15 regions of Russia gathered.


Ethnosport Challenge
August 25-26

Kulachki Ethnosport Challenge

Atmanov Ugol, Tambov Region, Russia

Ethnosport Challenge
December 9

Vilnius Ethnosport Challenge

Vilnius, Lithuania

Ethnosport Challenge
May 1

Ethnosport Challenge Moscow vs Russia

Moscow, Luzhniki Stadium


Ethnosport Challenge

Playing bowls in one of the Paris clubs

Chronicle from the archives of amateur film shooting 1950/1975 (1st series) playing in balls (boules) in the Paris club.

Ethnosport Challenge

Ryukhi in Ostashkov

Teaser of the film "Ryukhi in Ostashkov" about traditional games Tver region. Satori Film and Russkiye morozy production, director and camera Gennedy Metelev.

Ethnosport Challenge

Соревнования плясунов на Масленицу (Москва, ВВЦ)

Федерация традиционных игр и этноспорта России провела 2 марта 2014 года на ВВЦ русские традиционные игры на Масленицу, где прошли соревнования плясунов. Представляем вниманию состязания трёх лучших.

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