Theoretical bases of traditional games and ethnosport

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Lusorica is the game heritage of humanity (Lat. Lusorica, from the root of the word ludus/lusus – ‘game’ and the collective suffix). Lusorica is the name we gave to the Game Encyclopedia, which is being published on the pages of "Ethnosport" – our online journal.

Traditional Games Mepantigan Bali

Traditional Games

Traditional games are kinds of primordial play during the traditional holidays or the national calendar holidays, which are now held as ethno-cultural festivals and competitions.



Ethnosport is a form of preservation of the game heritage; it is a system of recovery of the ethnomotricité skills, inherent in the traditional way of life and lost in the conditions of urbanization.

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Archaics is images and objects of the distant past, which are not currently in use or are not used for their intended purpose. It is determined by detection of the lack of correspondence to the present.

Этнодвигательность, фото:


Ethnomotricité is a generalized name for types of the motor activity of different peoples. The term was introduced by Pierre Parlebas, a French sociologist.

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Play (primordial play)

Play (primordial play) is historically traditional styles of physical activity, conditioned by the traditional lifestyle.

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Sportization is the introduction of sport institutions into the development of primordial play, mainly expressed in the transformation of the folklore (oral) tradition of the game in the codes of practice of sport, based on the digital presentation of the results.

Традиционные единоборства

Traditional Combat

Traditional combat is a cultural phenomenon of traditional society, which is a set of competitions and methods of unarmed combat.

Традиционный праздник

Traditional holidays

Traditional holidays are ethno-cultural rituals, defined by the lunisolar cycle – the calendar, and therefore may called the national calendar holidays.

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