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Game Heritage of the Livs will Be Preserved

The Latvian Ethnosport Association is starting its work towards preservation of the Livonian game heritage.

The first event was an ethnosport festival, held on Environment Day in Kolka village. Its program included traditional games of the Livs.

In the beginning of Environment Day, its guests were welcomed by the Pigman, encouraging everyone to litter. He was then unanimously banished, and everyone was helping themselves to treats, carefully removing packages and disposable tableware afterwards.

The program of the ethnosport festival included primordial play of the Livs – racing with sacks and various games.

A tournament in traditional stick pulling with a direct grip became the main event. It involved school teams of Kolka village and Dundaga town, as well as children of the "Rukitis" kindergarten.

Following the event, an agreement to hold ethnosport festivals of the Livs on a constant basis was reached between The Latvian Association of Ethnosport and the administration of Kolka village.

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