Innokenty Grigoriev, Deputy of Il Tumen, Chose Erdogan to Be His Leader. Photo by Ethnosport


Innokenty Grigoriev, Deputy of Il Tumen, Chose Erdogan to Be His Leader

Alexey Kylasov, President of the Ethnosport World Society (EWS), made a statement to "Ethnosport": against the backdrop of the Russian-Turkish conflict, the cooperation of Innokenty Grigoriev, Deputy of the State Assembly of the Sakha Republic (Il Tumen), with an accomplice of terrorists, Bilal Erdogan, the son of Turkey’s President, looks like high treason.

In recent days it was reported that Bilal Erdogan is one of the key sponsors of ISIS (an organization banned in Russia), who has set up the purchase of oil from the Syrian militants via communication with their leaders, claims "Izvestiya" (*News) newspaper. The decline in stock indexes of Erdogan’s "BMZ Group Denizcilik ve Insaat Sanayi Anonim Sirketi" serves as a confirmation of the trade, after Russian air forces eliminated a number of petroleum bases and deposits controlled by the militants in Syria, reports

Part of the funds from Bilal Erdogan’s dirty trade is used for implementation of the imperial projects of his father. One of such projects was the World Turkic Games similar to the Islamic Solidarity Games, held only in so-called national kinds of sports. The idea was supported by the Cooperation Council of Turkic-speaking States created by Erdogan senior, which was previously reported by "Ethnosport." However, the expectations were not met, the Turkic World Games ended up as a failure without sparking any interest, even in the Turkic-speaking countries.

In order to somehow justify the money spent, the organizers of the Games decided to create a structure for their promotion. Having searched for such projects on the internet, they found the Ethnosport World Society and initially even sent a letter to Alexey Kylasov, its president, with an invitation to visit Kyrgyzstan, but they abruptly dropped the topic. It turned out that Erdogan encourages cooperation with Turks only, so they decided to create their own organization - the World Ethnosport Confederation, which included Yakuts for promotion of their mas-wrestling. The founding meeting of September 10, 2015 was attended by Innokenty Grigoriev, Deputy of the State Assembly of the Sakha Republic (Il Tumen) and Director of the “Modun” Republican Center. During the meeting, he supported the election of Bilal Erdogan as the president of the confederation.

"Now the fact of cooperation between the deputy from the "United Russia" party and an accomplice of terrorists looks like treason,” – said Alexey Kylasov, President of the Ethnosport World Society to “Ethnosport” (EWS was established in 2012 in Montreal, Canada). “We gave our assessment to Grigoriev’s act immediately after his betrayal on September 18, 2015, during a meeting of the executive committee of the Traditional Games and Ethnosport Federation of Russia, where he was unanimously devoid of powers of Vice President for complicity in the creation of parallel organizations. Convicted of fraud, Grigoriev did not show up at the meeting of the executive committee and humbly accepted his resignation, having sent an e-mail statement on the termination of his membership in the federation shortly before that.

But now that the true face of Innokenty Grigoriev’s Turkish patron came to light, in my opinion, it is legitimate to raise the question of his membership in the "United Russia" party, as he received the deputy mandate with the support of this specific party. Our federation immediately dissociated itself from this traitor, and it will be only right for his party colleagues to find out that he is Bilal Erdogan’s deputy, who generously finances the so-called "Jabal al-Turkman" gang – the Syrian Turkomans who killed the Russian pilot. My statement can be considered an open request for the "United Russia" party and the State Assembly of the Sakha Republic (Il Tumen) ", - concluded Alexey Kylasov.

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