Library on the Traditional Games Replenished with an Encyclopaedia and Rarities

The online library on the traditional games supported by the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO has been replenished with new books, well known in the art, as well as new collections.

The publication Lapta. Rules and Varieties of the Game (1915) introduces readers to the original rules of this primordial play when it still had not been touched by sportization and become a mere apology for baseball and cricket.

The Games of the Soviet Peoples collection (1933), despite having been issued during the Soviet era, is the final work of the active ethnographic study of the traditional games by researchers of the XIX century. A decent framework for this book is comprised of works such as Ivan Sakharov\’s Tales of the Russian People (1837), collections of games by Alexander Tereshchenko, Genesis of the Russian People. Play (1848), and E.A .Pokrovsky’s Kids Games, Mainly Russian (in Connection with the History, Education, Hygiene) (1884), which will soon also appear here.

Encyclopedia of Traditional Forms of Wrestling of the Peoples Around the World by our contemporary — Aleksey Stepanovich Mandzyaka, already managed to become the reader for wrestlers. It describes more than 500 kinds of traditional wrestling of peoples around the world.

The most recent arrivals are the two collections of the games laboratory at Moscow Youth Activity Center: Game — Toy — Game Technology and the Celebration in the Social Pedagogy of Childhood and Ethnic Culture of Childhood: the Traditional and the Modern World of Childhood. Both collections were edited by Sergey Vladimirovich Grigoriev, son of the founder of the laboratory – ethnopedagogist and folklorist Vladimir Mikhailovich Grigoriev.

Library on the Traditional Games Replenished with an Encyclopaedia and Rarities