\»Russian Games\» Moscow Ethnosport Festival

As part of the city celebration of the summer season opening by Moskomsport, the \»Russian Games\» Moscow Ethnosport Festival took place at the Luzhniki Stadium on May 1st.

Holding the Russian games on this day is not accidental. The thing is that one of the elements of the traditional culture of Russian people is May Day outings, the so-called mayevki. They represent outdoor festivities, dedicated to the first calendar days of May as well as the celebration of religious and folk festivals of the spring cycle, associated with welcoming of the spring.

The festival included competitions in ethnosport disciplines and primordial play contests, which had already become popular. A grand tournament in rusmyach (Russian ball, similar rugby) became the main event of the celebration. The tournament was won by a Moscow team called \»Whiskered and Stripy\». This team has won three times this year. According to the results of the games, it has been declared the best team of 2015.

In addition, the festival held competitions in stick pulling, ryukhi (similar to skittles), traditional archery, svaika (a game in which a spear is thrown to land in the middle of a metal ring, laid on the ground), za-vorotok wrestling, lapta (a game similar to rounders or baseball) and Russian dance.

The guests of the festival, young and old, were able to try their hand in the kinds of Russian primordial play that are typical of the spring festivities. Among them there were round dance and valiant play, play fights, klyushkovanie (similar to hurling), folk games kliok and chizh.

General attention was drawn to a large wall-on-wall pugilistic fight. The competition, according to the traditional Russian games, was held without blows to the head.

The school of folk dance \»Back and Forth\» organized a workshop on Russian dance, which brought together the representatives of folklore and ethnosport groups, guests of the celebration.

The event was held with the support of the following partners: Creative Association \»Play City\», Martial Arts Center \»Russian Sparring\», Wall on Wall Stand-Up Fight Club (Moscow), Stand-Up Fight Club “S.W.O.R.D.”, Russian Ancient Martial Arts Club \»Kolo\», Municipal Educational and Methodical Center \»Zvenislav\», a non-profit partnership \»Atmanovskiy Pugilism\», and the amateur ethnosport and folk groups.

Winners of the competitions

1st place – Whiskered and Stripy»: Mikhail Nosyrev, Yevgeny Pikonin, Aleksandr Matyunin 
2st place – «Bear cubs»: Stanislav Shelupin, Vladimir Polkhovtsev, Anton Suslennikov

Za-vorotok wrestling
Competitions among participants over 18 years old, without weight limitations
1st place – Yevgeny Pikonin (Korolev, Moscow region)
2nd place – Vladimir Polkhovtsev

Stick pulling
Competitions among participants over 18 years old, without weight limitations
1st place  – Mikhail Nosyrev (Moscow)
2nd place – Aleksandr Zotov (Moscow)

Competitions among teenagers and youth (girls and boys of 12-17 years old)
1st place – Ivan Latyshev
2nd place – Pavel Podkidashev

Competitions among participants over 18 years old (men, women)
1st place  – Aleksey Phyolkin
2nd place – Nataliya Gramak

Team comptetitions
1st place – «Skoloty»
2st place – «Slavs»

1st place  – Vadim Kosik

1st place – «Knights» (Moscow): Ilya Stroganov, Vladislav Ragozhkin, Grigoriy Stadnik
2st place – «Borsek» (Tambov): Anatoliy Tedoradze, Aleksey Kolodin, Nikolay Prokofiev

Russian dance
Competitions among participants over 18 years old (men)
1st place  — Dmitry Syomin 

Competitions among participants over 18 years old (women)
Best – Anastasiya Rodina

Best – Anna Rodina