Strongmen in the traditional games

A cooperation agreement on the development of ethnosport and the strongmen show has been signed today between Ethnosport World Society (EWS) and the World Strongmen Federation (WSF) in Tashkent.

Alexey Kylasov (Russia), President of the Ethnosport World Society (EWS), and Vladislav Redkin (Latvia), President of the World Strongmen Federation (WSF), announced their signing the agreement at a special ceremony during the Uzbek round of the Strongmen World Cup today, expressing confidence that the extreme strength show and ethnosport effectively complement each other.

\»It has always been a matter of convention to identify strongmen in the course of the traditional games, and not only in combat, but also in various types of exercises with weights – stone or log moving, or those associated with animal lifting\», observed Alexey Kylasov, president of the Ethnosport World Society (EWS).

\»The interest in traditional games has been evergreen throughout human history, but today it is necessary to make them more attractive to the media. In this sense, our strongmen show quite fits the concept of ethnosport development\», stated Vladislav Redkin, president of the World Strongmen Federation (WSF).

The World Cup, held in the Alisher Navoiy park, was also used to draw attention to other competitions – the Yakut Stick Pulling Cup of Asia (the so-called mas-wrestling), and the open weightlifting tournament with the same participants.

Presidents EWS Alexey Kylasov and WSF Vladislav Redkin after signing