Traditional Wrestling at the Spartakiad of Moscow Communities

Competitions in traditional wrestling were held at the III Moscow Spartakiad of the national public associations and communities of Moscow.

Bator Dugarov, Chairman of the Sport Committee at Council of Nationalities of the Government of Moscow, a member of the executive committee of the Traditional Games and Ethnosport Federation of Russia, became the initiator of holding ethnosport competitions in traditional wrestling under the Spartakiad. The Spartakiad itself was organized by the Moscow City Department of National Policy, Interregional Cooperation and Tourism.

The “Yantar” (*amber) stadium brought together representatives of 40 communities and national associations, including representatives of the All-Russian Congress of Azerbaijanis, the NGO \»Urayal\» (Buryatia), the Union of Gagauz, Korean Association, the Union of Kyrgyz youth \»Jash Tolkun\», Society of Kazakh culture \»Murager\», the International Union of German culture, communities of the Republic of Bashkortostan, the Trans-Baikal region, Kalmykia, Udmurtia, and others.

Competitions in traditional wrestling were open-weight, and were held in four kinds: Russian za-vorotok wrestling, Tatar and Bashkir koresh wrestling, wrestling of the peoples of Siberia (according to the rules of Buryatian buche-barildaan wrestling), and wrestling of the peoples of the Caucasus (according to the rules of Kabardian and Balkar tutush wrestling).

Winners of the individual all-around competition

Tatar and Bashkir koresh wrestling
Ildar Bilyaletdinov, RTNKA
(*Tatar National and Cultural Autonomy of Moscow, Regional Public Organization)

Russian za-vorotok wrestling
Amin Hakupov, Buryatia Urayal

Wrestling of the peoples of the Caucasus
Ramin Nurimanov, RTNKA

Wrestling of the peoples of Siberia
Artysh Shombul, Tuva community

Photo by M. Dushanbeeva, \»Russia for All\»