Traditional Games on Nicola Winter’s held in Moscow

December 16 in the sports complex \»Luzhniki\» for the first time held traditional games on Nikola Winter\’s, organized in Russian games project by the Ethnosport Federation of Russia.

According to the head of the Russian Games project, the co-chairman of the Ethnosport Federation of Russia, historian Anatoly Tedoradze, this was a significant event:

\»Today we have completed the project of revival of the Russian festive-game cycle, which existed for many centuries, but almost disappeared in the second half of the XX century. We are not out of hand, and we do not need to blame anyone for the fact that we almost lost the Russian game heritage. The main thing is that we managed to collect ethnosport clubs in five years, with which the Russian Nikolo-Petrovsky festive cycle is realize. \»

Interest to the Russian Games project is constantly growing, which organically included, in addition to Moscow tournaments, unique traditional games — Atmanov\’s Fistfights, Seliger Ryuhas, Meshchera Races. For example, the video from the last Atmanov Fistfights, posted on social networks, has already scored over 10 million views, as Tambov Governor Alexander Nikitin proudly reported.

Today at the stadium \»Luzhniki\» there were competitions in Rusmyach (as mean Russian ball), traditional wrestling za-vorotok and in the final was a wall of fistfight.


Eight teams from Moscow and the Moscow region took part in the competitions in the Rusmyach. The best was the team \»Our Home\» of the Interregional Federation of Kila (regional kind of this game), which in the final of the hardest fight take a victory on the team \»Dome\». The third place was shared beetwin the team of the combat club \»Slavians\» and the team \»Modniki\».About the game Rusmyach
At the heart of the game Rusmyach is a sports version of the traditional game of kila. Competitions on rusmyach take place on a platform of 15 to 30 meters between teams of three players. The game takes place up to two or up to three balls. To win it is necessary to bring the ball into the basket of rivals, while hand-to-hand confrontation in the rack and on the ground, with the use of strikes and fighting techniques.

Eighteen wrestlers took part in the tournament on Russian traditional wrestling za-vorotok. The best was the wrestler from the city of Samara — Alexander Shcherbakov, who awarded the title of a \’real wrestler\’ and given the opportunity to take part in professional tournaments on traditional wrestling za-vorotok during the whole next year. The second was a wresler from Moscow Nikita Panyushkin.About the Russian traditional wrestling za-vorotok
In Russian games wrestling competitions held without taking into account weight categories according to the \»challenge\» system — the instigators choose their own opponent. The wrestler, who has won two consecutive bouts, goes to the next round and so on until one wrestler remains, and he is recognized as the winner of the games. The fight held with a mandatory capture by the gate with one hand. Capture determined by lot and it cannot be dismissed until the end of the bout. The second hand can capture only during the attack. Any wrestling activities allowed. The task of a fighter in a fight is to transfer the opponent to all fours, lying on his side, on his back or face down. The fight goes according to the rule \»to one time.\»

Partners of the Russian games project by the Ethnosport Federation of Russia in the traditional games on Nichola Winter\’s: Druzhina Company, Shop \»Svarog\», Rusich Company, Russian manufactories \»Varggrad\», the Courage Path project and the Food City Trade Center, which awarded prizes winners and participants of the competition.