Moscow Ethnosport Challenge 2019

On May 1, the World Series Ethnosport Challenge – Moscow Ethnosport Challenge 2019 Moscow VS Russia was held at the Luzhniki Olympic Stadium. The tournament was held in the framework of the Moscow ethnosport festival \»Russian Games in Luzhniki\».

The Moscow Ethnosport Challenge 2019 was organized by the Department of Sport of Moscow city, the Ethnosport Federation of Russia, the World Ethnosport Society, and the World Strongmen Federation. Over 100 thousand spectators watched the full video broadcast of the event.

Moscow Ethnosport Challenge 2019 was held in two disciplines – ethnosport-strongmen and Russian ball game Rusmyach. Winners were awarded by World Ethnosport President Dr. Alexey Kylasov.


The winner in the discipline of ethnosport-strongmen in the Moscow Ethnosport Challenge 2019 — a team of Moscow, whose representative — David Shamei became the winner in the individual competition. 

David Shamei showed the best result in the log lift weighing 7 pounds, log holding weighing one and a half pounds and racing with the bag weighing of 7 pounds. In throwing the bag weighing 2 pounds, defeated Vladimir Shiryaev from Orel city. In the Russian traditional wrestling za-vorotok Andrei Smirnov became the best, which was expected because he is a candidate for the master of sports in judo and sambo, as well as rugby.

Vladimir Shiryaev

Andrei Smirnov

Team of Russia: Maxim Dvoretsky (Belgorod), Yuri Kuzmin (Nizhny Novgorod), Alexander Smirnov (Kursk), Vladimir Shiryaev (Orel).

Team of Moscow: Taimuraz Baskayev, Nikolai Krasotkin, Alexander Kuzmin, David Shamei.

Russian ball game Rusmyach tournament

The winner in the game of Rusmyach in Moscow Ethnosport Challenge 2019 – the team of Moscow. In the final match, the team Svarog (Moscow) defeated the team Ramenskoye Wrestlers (Moscow region).

Moscow teams: Svarog, Varyagi, Bear cubs, Our home.

Russian teams: Wolves (Moscow Region), Ramenskoye Wrestlers (Moscow Region), Borsek (Tambov Region), Rage (Tambov Region).

Russian Games in Luzhniki

The Moscow Ethnosport Challenge 2019 was held as part of the Moscow Ethnosport Festival “Russian Games in Luzhniki”, where many tournaments in traditional sports and playing were held.

The best teams of the Moscow region met in the Kila game tournament following the results of the previous game season, who took the following positions in the final protocol: 1st place – Team of Schyolkovo (Schyolkovo), 2nd place – Ramenskoye Wrestlers (Ramenskoye), 3rd place – Our house (Lyubertsy), 4th place – Wings (Shchelkovo).

Denis Kruchinin from Moscow, representing the Slavs Combats Club, won in the tournament on Russian traditional wrestling za-vorotok, and Alexander Samsonov from Tambov, representing the Borsec Combats Club, lost to him in the final match.

The program of the Russian Games was open areas for playing babki game, balls game, lapta game, hurling, traditional archery and youthful playing. In the final, as always, there was a big battle of the Wall Fistfighting.