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The World Ethnosport is an international non-governmetal organization (NGO).

The world's first organization of ethnosport – the Federation of Traditional Games and Ethnosport of Russia was registered on December 29, 2011 in Moscow (Russia). The establishment of the organization was supported by the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO. At the initiative of the Federation of Traditional Games and Ethnosport of Russia and the Ethnosport Society of Canada on February 6, 2012, the World Ethnosport Society was established in Montreal (Canada).

By the decision of Board of the Ethnosport World Society on June 7, 2018, the powers of the main international organization of ethnosport transferred to the organization registered on August 3, 2010 in Latvia and renamed the World Ethnosport Society on June 20, 2018 by the decision of the Society’s meeting (Minutes No. 18/06 / 20-01) in Riga, Latvia.

The main goal of the organization is the development of ethnosport. To achieve the stated goal, the World Ethnosport sets itself the following tasks:

- to create a network of organizations for the development of ethnosport in the world;
- carry out ethnosport activities, including the main event – the Ethnosport Challenge World Series of tournaments;
- cooperate with intergovernmental and state bodies and institutions of different countries on issues related to the development of ethnosport, as well as traditional sports and games;
- cooperate with international non-governmental organizations that influence the development of ethnosport, as well as traditional sports and games.


Alexey Kylasov (Russia)

Vladislavs Redjkins (Latvia)


Malam Barka Akoda (Niger)

Bhupender Dhawan (India)

Mohamed Elmamoun (Morocco)

Fabio Cardias Gomes (Brazil)

Jeremy Hogg (Australia)

Andreas Kolettis (Greece)

Sergiy Konyushok (Ukraine)

Ana Mohr (USA)

Lolita Nagnibedovsky (Canada)

Bartosz Prabucki (Poland)

Anatoly Tedoradze (Russia)

Hisham Yusof (Malaysia)


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and at the discretion of the Board

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Regulations of the World Series Ethnosport Challenge 


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