Politic of publishing

Publication ethics

The Editorial Council and Editorial Board of Journal follow the law of the Russian Federation and international law, agreements, standards and regulations of researches, studies and publications. They also take into consideration the experience of the leading scientific journals and publishers.
The Journal doesn`t take and give payment for publications.

The Journal is publishing articles both in Russian and English.

If it is necessary Journal can translate the Article from English to Russian.

Every article may have only 2 authors. First mentioned author is considered major. Journal contacts only with major author.

The editors check all articles for plagiarism.

Ethical standards for authors

1.The Author assigns to the publisher without charge the exclusive right, for the duration of copyright under the current Russian Federation legislation, to use the paper (in case of acceptance of the paper for publication by the Editorial Board) on the territories of all states where the copyright is protected by the international agreements of the Russian Federation; including the following rights: to publish the final version of the article in the above journal; to distribute it and/or communicate it to the public; to make translations and edits of the article, and to distribute them to the public (with an exclusive right to use the translated and/or edited article in the aforesaid ways); and to authorize or grant licenses to third parties to do any of the above.

2. The author confirms that:

a) The author should adhere to publication requirements that the submitted work is original and has not been published, either totally or in part, elsewhere. The work should not be submitted concurrently to more than one journal until the end of its consideration.

b) The author should avoid making knowingly and willfully false or fraudulent statements. The author has to avoid insulting, illegal and other statements and researches methods which would be breaking law or ethic rules.

c) The author should alert the editor promptly if they discover an error in any submitted work. The author should cooperate with editors in issuing corrections or retractions when required.

d) The author commits to refuse claims against the Journal and agrees to bear judicial responsibility if this publication would entail claims against the Journal.

3. The author agrees to:

a) Give correct references this publication then it would be used by Authors after publishing it in Journal.

b) Admit the right of the Publisher to carry out the necessary editing of the article.

4. This this Agreement takes priority over any other agreements, verbal or written.

Editor ethics

1. The editorial Board to publish the article after double-blind peer review, when both reviewers recommend publishing this article.

2. The editorial Board may not accept the article for publication and in this case loses the right to publish, use, reproduce and reproduce (part or full) the text of the article in any known form, electronic or printed.

3. The editorial Board has the right to make changes to the text, which are agreed with the Author.

Technical requirements

All research articles published by the journal undergo plagiarism and anonymous peer review process, the decision on publication is made on the basis of the two reviewers \’ recommendations.

Materials are accepted in electronic form, in Microsoft Word format:
— Arial 14-point font.
— Line spacing-1.0.
— It is impractical to use more than one space between words.
— All pages should be numbered. Please avoid tabs; automatic hyphenation; spaces within words; blank lines between paragraphs; automatic word-processing commands (e.g. auto-numbering of references, paragraphs, footnotes and endnotes, etc.); macros; saving text as a document template; and read-only files.
— The volume of the article is recommended 20 000 characters with spaces (8–10 A4 pages with tables and references)

All articles should have:
— abstract from 200 to 250 words;
— list of authors with indication of full name, scientific degree and academic title, position and name of the scientific organization (can be supplemented by indicating membership or position in a public organization), email addresses and author\’s ORCID number;
— list of keywords (5);
— list of used literature and sources in alphabetical order, for texts in Russian according to GOST, for texts in English according to APA;
— tables and figures are attached as separate files in Word or JPEG.

E-mail to submit articles: to@ethnosport.org