The Story about Atmanov Pugilism is Awarded a Prize in the \»SMIrotvorets\» Competition

A story about Russian traditional games named Atmanov pugilism, by a Tambov TV and Radio Company \»New Age\», took the second place in the All-Russian contest \»SMIrotvorets\» (*an anagram in Russian, containing ‘mirotvorets’ – peacemaker, and ‘SMI’ – mass media), in the \»Russian world\» nomination, and the \»Ethnic and regional mass media\» category. 

Sergei Nishukov, the author of the story \»A Feast of Atmanov Pugilism Took Place in Tambov Region\», received a second place diploma at the award ceremony on November 25th, in the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Music Theatre. 

Aleksey Kylasov, President of the Traditional Games and Ethnosport Federation of Russia, a culture expert,  described the decision of the jury as a gesture to encourage work of all those involved in the revival of Russian traditions of the game. 

\»A remarkable story was made about the event, which has become the crowning effort of many talented people, passionate about the idea of preserving authentic Russian game traditions. Therefore, we regard the award for the story about Atmanov Pugilism by the Tambov broadcasting company \»New Age\» as our common achievement, and we thank Sergei Nishukov for a worthy contribution to preservation of traditional Russian games,\» said Aleksey Kylasov.

The competition was founded by the now disbanded Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation jointly with the Guild of Inter-Ethnic Journalism. The competition’s panel of judges is formed from the representatives of federal executive bodies, national and cultural autonomies, national public associations, professional journalistic associations, mass media, and ethnologists.

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