Russian Traditional Games on Shrovetide

Over 5,000 people got together for playing Russian traditional games on Shrovetide in the Izmailovsky Park of Culture and Rest in Moscow. It is the second consecutive year that the Federation of Traditional Games and Ethnosport of Russia host these games with the support of the Moskomsport (Moscow City Department of Physical Culture and Sport).

Authentic Russian traditional games on Shrovetide consist of many kinds of play, including games similar to rugby – Rusmyach (Russian ball) and Kila, traditional wrestling za-vorotok, stick pulling, traditional archery, klushkovaniye (similar to hurling), dance and singing contests, and main competition is stand-up fight (stenka-na-stenku).

Following the traditional games at Christmastide, the games were held on Shrovetide again in the Izmailovsky Park of Culture and Rest, with the support of the administration of this cultural institution of the city of Moscow.

Students of the Razumovsky Moscow State University of Technology and Management (First Cossack University) also took part in the games as a team.

\»Rostok7\», the regional charitable public organization of social support for athletes and promotion of the development of physical culture and sport, presented its project \»Russian football\» as a kind of a sporticized game of kila.

The event was held with the support of the following partners: the Fund for Protection of Historical and Cultural, Spiritual and Moral Foundations of Russian Civilization \»Svyatoslav\», Art Association \»Play City\» of the State Republican Center of Russian Folklore, Martial Arts Center \»Russian Sparring\», Wall to Wall Close Fight Club (Moscow), Hand Combat Club “S.W.O.R.D.”, Club of Combat and Ethnosport \»Slavs\», Russian Ancient Martial Arts Club \»Kolo\», the Regional Public Organization \»Youth Choose the Sober Capital\», the Municipal Educational and Methodical Center \»Zvenislav\», a non-profit partnership \»Atmanovskie Feasts\», Center of Patriotic Education \»Stratilat\», the State Academy of Slavic Culture, Center of Living History \»Present Past\», and the amateur ethnosport and folk groups.

Winners of the competitions

Za-vorotok traditional wrestling
15-17 years
1st place — Ivan Chetverikov
2nd place — Roman Ivanov

1st place — Aleksandr Salmin
2nd place — Eugeniy Pikonin

Stick pulling
1st place – Svyatoslav Antipenkov
2nd place — Stepan Ushakov

Traditional archery
1st place – Ivan Latyshev
2nd place – Piotr Duran

1st place — Maria Khokhlova
2nd place — Andrew Fistik

1st place — Ice
2nd place — Kolo

1st place — Rusichi
2nd place – Adrenaline

Rusmyach — kila (Russian ball)
Best — \»Whiskered and Stripy\» (Mikhail Nosyrev, Eugeny  Pikonin, Aleksandr Zotov)

18+ men
Best – Sergei Pirozhkov

18+ women 
Best – Anastasiya Rodina, Natalya Antonova

Best  – Ivan Sakharov

Best – Anastasiya Rodina

Photo report of the Shrovetide
in the Izmailovsky Park