Verona declaration

Drafting Group on preparation of the Verona Declaration, which was accepted at the Tocati festival on September 20th, 2015, finished its work by publication of identical texts in 5 languages — English, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Portuguese and Russian.

This call aims to strongly recommend the introduction of traditional games and indigenous sports which embody Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH), into school programs, in order to be an integral part of national strategies for development.

The Verona declaration was signed by representatives of the six international organizations engaged in preservation and development of traditional games:

International Traditional Sports & Games Association;
International ICH NGOs Forum;
International Society of Eastern Sports & Physical Education;
Association Européenne des Jeux et sports traditionnels;
Asociación Panamericana de Juegos y Deportes Autóctonos y Tradicionales;
Ethnosport World Society

Text of Verona declaration

Tocati festival in Verona, Italy