Elected the new president and Council of the European Traditional Sports and Games Association (AEJST)

In Palma de Mallorca (Spain) during the General Assembly of the European Traditional Sports and Games Association (AEJST) was held which a new executive committee was elected, including the new president, it was the Catalan, professor Pere Lavega Burges.

The General Assembly meeting of the European Traditional Sports and Games Association (AEJST) was attended president of the Ethnosport World Society and the founder-president of the Ethnosport Federation of Russia Dr. Alexey Kylasov.


Before the start of the general assembly, delegates met the vice-president of the ‘Governorat’ of Palma de Mallorca Mr. Jesús Jurado. The meeting took place in the Council Chamber – the Royal Palace of Almudaina.


Former president AEJST, Breton, Guy Jaouen, the founder of the association as the now 1st vice-president and vice-president of the Ethnosport World Society will coordinate relations with international organizations.


The delegates of the general assembly adopted a number of important decisions some regarding partnership and cooperation within the framework of the programs of the European Union and development programs of the association:

• it was decided participation within the framework of the working group on TSG of UNESCO;
• a statement was adopted that in the European Commission program of support to TSG, the AEJST network rejects any leadership of TAFISA which is a Sport for All organization, with only a few experience in this field, a few network of TSG organizations and therefore it cannot be the key organization of a project to create an European platform to serve as a European resource for knowledge and practice;
• the concept of the European TSG festival TOCATI, International Festival of Games in the streets, Verona (Italy) was approved, which recognize it in the setting of a Multinational candidature for the UNESCO Register of Good Practices.

The final program of the AEJST general assembly was the traditional games festival in the historic center of Palma de Mallorca near the cathedral walls.

On the photo
AEJST Council members 2017-2021

2nd rank, from left to right

Nicolae Dobre (Romania); Guido Theodule (Aosta, Italia); Fabrizio Vierin (Aosta, Italia); Fernando Maestro Guerrero (Aragon, España); Christian Delmas (Occitanie, France); Jacques Regourd (Occitanie, France); Alain Bovo (Aquitaine, France); Paulo Coelho de Araujo (Portugal); Milivoj Pacenti (Croatia).

1st rank, from left to right

Biel Pubill Soler (Cataluña, España); José Angel Hoyos Perote (Cantabria, España); Carmen Fernandez Amat (Aragon, España); Fernando Diestro Gomez (Cantabria, España); Pere Lavega Burgues (Cataluña, España); Guy Jaouen (Bretagne, France); Giorgio Paolo Avigo (Venetia, Italia)

Not on the photo

David Abascal Monte (Cantabria, España); Dona Celia Marcen (Aragon, España).