Statement of the Ethnosport World Society on the Turkish Fake Organization

The Ethnosport World Society, as well as associated organizations, received invitations to the First World Ethnosport Forum, scheduled on February 17-18, 2018 in Antalya, Turkey, organized by a fake organization called the \»World Ethnosport Confederation\».

It is interesting that this is the second \»first\» forum, the first time it planned in October 2017, but the attempt failed, everyone ignored it to whom the invitations sent. Just like last time, the Turks again send out invitations allegedly on our behalf and use our database, which openly posted on our website:

We decided to investigate the situation and sent official requests for registration of this confederation to the state authorities of Kyrgyzstan (were announced in 2015 about the establishment of a fake organization of ethnosport) and Turkey (because the letters were sent from this country). According to the official response received on July 7, 2017 from the State Agency for Youth, Physical Culture and Sports under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, in this country an organization with this name is not registered. An answer from the Turkish authorities never been received.

In open sources, there are no data on the registration of the World Ethnosport Confederation as a legal entity. The website of the organization lacks a charter and information on the personal composition of the governing bodies. Thus, we have no information about the goals and objectives of this organization, and there is no information on the persons representing it. In this regard, there are doubts about the legitimacy of the World Ethnosport Confederation and its activities.

Individuals acting on behalf of the World Ethnosport Confederation violate exclusive rights to the means of individualization (brand name) of the Ethnosport World Society and the results of the intellectual activity of the author of ethnosport theory.

The Ethnosport World Society registered in Canada on February 6, 2012. The society based on ethnosport theory of the Russian scientist Alexey Kylasov. He also introduced the concept of ethnosport into scientific circulation in 2009 and, on his initiative, created an international structure to implement the proposed a new organizational model of traditional games.
In fact, the title \»World Ethnosport Confederation\», declared in 2015, to the extent of confusion is similar to the name registered in 2012, the organization \»Ethnosport World Society\». Thus, persons acting on behalf of the World Ethnosport Confederation violate the exclusive right of the Ethnosport World Society to the company name.

In addition, in the official dispatch of the World Ethnosport Confederation and other materials, fragments of the author\’s texts by Alexey Kylasov used without reference to sources. By the nature of the actions and methods of work, there is a feeling that the World Ethnosport Confederation is trying to take advantage of other people\’s exclusive rights to the results of intellectual activity.

All of the above indicates the unfair behavior of persons speaking on behalf of the World Ethnosport Confederation; their actions differ from the customs of business turnover and the generally recognized norms of ethics and morality.

Proceeding from all the above, we strongly recommend that members of the Ethnosport World Society, as well as associated organizations, refrain from any contact with persons acting on behalf of the World Ethnosport Confederation.

On behalf of the Board of the Ethnosport World Society:

Alexey Kylasov (Russia), EWS President, coordinator of the UNESCO Advisory Board working group on traditional sports and games, PhD in Cultural Anthropology
Lolita Nagnibedovsky (Canada), EWS Vice-president, CEO
Vladislavs Redjkins (Latvia), EWS First Vice-president, Secretary General of the World Strongmen Federation
Jong-Young Lee (South Korea), EWS Vice-president for Asia, ISESPE & PASPE President, PhD in Physical Education, Professor of the Suwong University
Fabio Jose Cardias Gomes (Brazil), EWS Vice-president for Americas, PhD in Psychology, Professor of the Federal University of Maranana
Gintautas Vileita (Lithuania), President of the World Belt-Wrestling Committee of United World Wrestling
Anatoly Tedoradze (Russia), EWS Ambassador, Co-Chairman of the Ethnosport Federation of Russia, Head of \»Russian Games\» project, PhD in History
Ashwani Chopra (India), EWS Ambassador, President of Ethnosport Association of India
Dmitrijs Scegolevs (Latvia), EWS Ambassador, President of Latvian Ethnosport Association
Farzaneh Shafiee (Iran), EWS Ambassador, Head of Iranistic and Rusistic Center, PhD in Philology
Malte Wulfinghoff (Germany), EWS Ambassador, Lecturer at the University of Tubingen and the University of Munster

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