The Ethnosport World Society and TAFISA become partners

Today in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) The Association For International Sport for All (TAFISA) signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ethnosport World Society.

On the part of TAFISA, General Secretary Wolfgang Baumann (Germany) signed the document. On behalf of the Ethnosport World Society, President Dr. Alexey Kylasov (Russia) and First Vice President Vladislav Redkin (Latvia).

It is important to note that Alexey Kylasov and Wolfgang Baumann are coordinators of the working groups of the UNESCO Advisory Board on Traditional Sports and Games. Their cooperation determined the content of the key provision of the Memorandum on mutual recognition of the leadership of both organizations in the main fields of activity: in the movement of Sport for All – TAFISA and in the traditional games – the Ethnosport World Society.

\»Traditional games are at the core of our activities and cultural diversity constitutes one of the 12 priorities that our General Assembly has identified as part of our Mission 2030: For a Better World Through Sport for All\» said Wolfgang Baumann, the Secretary General of TAFISA.

\»We have found an innovative form of preserving traditional games, which contributes to the development of modern sports and is its folklore part, that is why we welcome participation in our events of professional sportsmen and fans from sport for all,\» said the author of ethnosport theory and the founding president of the Ethnosport World Society Dr. Alexei Kylasov.

Both sides of the Memorandum of Understanding agreed on mutual cooperation at events, in the official websites and in print products.

The World Strongmen Federation, as a main partner of the Ethnosport World Society, took the opportunity of this meeting to apply for TAFISA membership.


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